To provide an opportunity for children attending schools within the Worthington School District to build self-esteem by enjoying positive organized sports programs which are rooted in the principles of participation, sportsmanship, and skill development.

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by posted 04/08/2021


My name is Brenden Luft, and I will be coaching your son/daughter this soccer season. Sorry for the late welcome email (technical difficulties!) Our goal for tots is for the kids to have fun while learning basic soccer skills - while keeping everyone safe by following WYB COVID Protocols.

Please read the following important logistics information and very important WYB COVID protocol information:
(Sorry, it's a bit long. My future emails won't be this long.) 


All practices and scrimmages "games" will be held on Saturdays. Practice will be held for the first 25min and immediately followed by a scrimmage for the rest of the hour.

April 10:  10:45 - 11:45 @Liberty Elementary, field #2

April 17:  2:45 - 3:45  @Lazelle Woods Park, #1

April 24: 9:30 - 10:30  @Liberty Elementary, #2

May 1:  10:30 - 11:30  @Lazelle Woods Park, #1

May 8:  1:30 - 2:30  @Lazelle Woods Park, #1

May 15:  2:00 - 3:00 @Liberty Elementary, #3

May 22:  10:30 - 11:30  @Lazelle Woods Park, #1

You can also find the complete schedule on the WYB Soccer website:

Assistant Coach/Coach Helpers Wanted: I'm looking for anyone that would like to help during practices/scrimmages, please email me if interested!

What to bring: WYB gives all tots their own ball, set of shin guards, soccer socks, and t-shirts for practice/scrimmages (I will bring everything this Saturday). Please make sure to bring ball back every Saturday along with a labeled water bottle.

After Game Snack: You can't have soccer without it followed up with a snack! My wife created a volunteer snack schedule via SignUpGenius. If you would like to sign up for a day to brink an after-game snack, please sign up here:

WYB only asks that snacks be individually wrapped, and I think we are safe to not do drinks.


 Bring own ball, bag, and water bottle stationed 6 ft apart from everyone else at the field
 When not on the field, stand by your bag socially distancing from teammates
 Use hand sanitizer on the field before and after playing
 Maintain social distance as best as possible at every event
 Mask up when not on the field of play, before practice, and after practice
 Dispose of your own trash at the end of the event
 No high fives, handshakes, and other physical contacts other than any natural contact that may occur in the field of play
 Wash hands often when home
 Mask up as soon as possible on the sidelines
 Mask up, when not on the field on the play
 Use hand sanitizer when coming off the field after being subbed

 Only immediate family
 Mask up entire time at every team event
 Stay in cars for drop off and pick up after practices
 Stay in cars until 10 minutes before a scheduled game, limit members on the sideline to immediate household members
 Must Stay seated on the sidelines and maintain social distancing
 Quickly exit the fields after a game
 Do not congregate with other parents on the sideline, not in your immediate family
 Listen and conform to all requirements of the Social Distancing Coordinator, referee, coach
 No pets are allowed at any of our events. Leave them at home
 Carpooling should be limited as best as possible, anyone driving a carpool should have written authorization from a parent for the participant that is being transported to an event, not in your immediate family

Additional information can be found at the WYB site:

Please let me know if you have any questions. NOTE: WYB COVID Protocols ask that parents communicate with coaches via email to limit in-person interactions or feel free to text me at 614-425-5265.

Thank you for reading this crazy long email, but it's important to keep our kids safe through this soccer season. 

Any questions, please let us know. 

Brenden Luft

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